US Tennis player, Serena Williams is all Set for the US Open

According to the recent news on World Tennis, Serena Williams is ready to chase her 24th Grand Slam Singles title to match the record of Margaret Court. The US Tennis player, Serena Williams has already committed to play at the US Open this year. When the US Tennis Association officials promised and ensured that they could safely stage the first Glam Slam amid the shutdown situation of Coronavirus pandemic, then Williams placed her commitment for the play. Several top men tennis stars have already questioned the wisdom of staging the US Open event. But as per the final US Tennis Association statement, the event is decided to be held from August 31 to September 13. The event would be held without the presence of spectators at the National Tennis Center of New York.

Organization of the US Open by USTA Amid Covid-19 Scenario

As per the previous news, this selected place for US Open was organized as a temporary hospital facility in April to fight with the Coronavirus pandemic. According to Williams, The US Tennis Association has done an excellent job ensuring everyone will be safe during the sports event execution. Since the global sports shut down due to the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, the Flushing Meadows fortnight will be the first staged Grand Slam event. Whereas, the French Open was postponed till September, and the Wimbledon was canceled. The week before the US Open, the ATP/WTA Western and Southern Open will also be hosted by the site, which will be typically staged in Cincinnati with the similar safety norms that include testing for the players and their entourage. In the net operating income, the USTA expects an 80% drop as the consequence of having no spectators for the scheduled US Open. 

Impact of US Open on the Tennis Fans

For the US Open, the USTA has decided that the prize money will be the US $60 million for the two events that are to be held in New York. This has been agreed along with another US $3.3 million each that is to be offered to the ATP and WTA. Among the several top tennis players, Novak Djokovic has stated to be critical of the idea of staging the US Open that has been scheduled irrespective of the severe US impact of COVID-19. However, some facts show that certain cases in the New York area have been declining for several weeks. 

However, tennis fans all around the world are quite excited to see the best players in the world. After arriving at the tournament hotel, the players will be tested for Covid-19. Thereafter the test will be conducted at least once a week, and those electing to stay at the private homes would be tested more often as they enter the Open grounds that are available on August 16. A proper safety measure taken on the sports ground would necessarily prevent a significant outbreak of Covid-19. As decided, the US Open will have its usual draw of 128 players in both men’s and women’s singles, whereas the doubles would have only 32 duos despite the usual 64.                       


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